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What’s a WeFarmer?

We Farm America in action

We are concerned citizens. Just like you. Our country and our planet have begun to show undeniable signs of wear and tear. The unsustainable ways in which we tend to live have had an enormous impact not only on our own lives, but the lives of many other humans, animals and entire ecosystems. Even as we try to do good, many of our efforts still inevitably take a heavy toll.

We developed WeFarm from a movement that started in California and has begun to take root across the nation. Using techniques that have sustained us for millenia, we at WeFarm aim to serve as a reminder that we belong to the Earth and not the other way around.

WeFarm offers fully customized organic gardens for your backyard – or even your front yard if you want to show off!

With our Garden Installation packages, a WeFarm Specialist visits the property for a consultation and soil test, generates custom designs, and returns to install a complete garden according to the customer’s preferences and specifications. From there the customer is free to follow the detailed instructions on sustainable gardening based on the WeFarm System or develop their own strategy.

As a social enterprise, we’re also working to convert lawns to food gardens and vacant lots to community gardens and urban farms across the city. Our residential garden work helps fund school and community garden projects in Chicago’s under-served neighborhoods, and assist low-income homeowners to lead healthy and sustainable lifestyles.

We see no reason why EVERY home in Chicago can’t grow their own food, if given a hand.

What does a WeFarmer do?

Join WeFarm!

WE TEST our precious soils, new ideas in urban agriculture, the limits.

WE BUILD starter kits, rain catchers, garden plots, communities.

WE INSTALL raised bed food gardens, new leaders, hope.

WE CONNECT old friends, fellow gardeners, aspiring gardeners.

WE GROW delicious organic produce, real people, ourselves.


Where are the farms?


or anywhere you tell us to put them…

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