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Pedal to the People

Chicago’s Pedal to the People can be found not only in the bike shop, but all throughout the city. Adam Clark, founder and executive bicycle repair man, rides his custom-welded bike cart to virtually every neighborhood in order to diagnose, treat, cure (and sometimes add a frog-shaped horn) to bikes. It’s not just about changing tires or tuning though–it’s about supporting the bike community and educating people on how to care for their machines. On a recent visit to his shop, located at the Chicago Sustainable Manufacturing Center (The first business venture of The Plant’s founder, John Edel), Adam explained to a client all that he was doing to realign and fix the bike’s brakes. One of his employees, Carly, is learning bike mechanics from him while she specializes in writing, business planning, and structure. Both are well versed in the positive environmental impact biking offers, but understand that cyclists need safe, efficient machines to navigate Chicago’s streets. Clark services both full-time and occasional bike riders, who need upgrades, parts, or help getting started. In 2013, they will be launching a bicycle workshop series, and will be featured at our DIY Learning Dinner on the 16th, sharing winterization tips. At the end of the day, looking out onto the Bridgeport industrial site, Clark says ultimately, “biking is about freedom, to ride, stop, and travel wherever, whenever you want.” Pedal to the People is the only bike shop that bikes to you, but you can also visit them at their shop in Bridgeport at 1048 w. 37th. Or bike to their website:

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