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New Moons


New Moons Phew! 2013: We made it! So now that the world hasn’t ended and we’re in a new era, this whole urban agriculture idea is finally gonna be a household thing once again. Right? Well, we sure think so. But just in case that’s not quite everyone’s New Year’s resolution, WeFarm America is ready with our backup plan to change the game. Last year saw a number of major developments for us: new office in the Green Exchange, new staff members, fresh gardens, programs and events, and exciting plans for 2013. Of course it can be hard to appreciate this time of year here in the Northern Hemisphere. We recently learned from Wikipedia that “Traditionally, the original Roman calendar consisted of 10 months totaling 304 days, winter being considered a monthless period”. The Spring equinox in March marking the start of a new year until about 200 years ago. Well there’s still plenty to grow right now, and we’re hard at work! We’re currently in the midst of planning the launch of a completely new, age-old concept: Cooperation. This Spring, we’re rallying support for the development of the Chicago Growing Cooperation, a new model for our organization to better connect people and resources. We look to engage and localize efforts between practitioners, organizations, and individuals hungry to enhance and activate community assets. We’re excited to see the movement expand along with all of you looking to realize the power and impact of real food. Join us as we grow Community Roots, gardens, gardeners and of course eaters throughout the city! Attend an upcoming workshop or event to learn more and connect to all the others supporting this shift. Thanks for coming along for the ride and enjoy this month’s edition.

  1. Jim Javenkoski
    Jim Javenkoski01-21-2013

    Hi, Seneca, Stephanie, et al.

    I’m intrigued and excited by your announcement of the Chicago Growing Cooperation model. Do you plan to share more details online about this transformation? I’ll sign-up for another WeFarm America workshop soon. Best of luck in all your efforts in 2013!

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