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Hoop House for 4×8 Raised Bed

Instructions for constructing a 1.5ft tall hoop house atop a 4×8 wooden raised bed:

  • Build a rectangular wood frame with center support to house the hoops and connect to the bed frame with 2 hinges.
  • Erect 4 Hoops to support plastic sheeting, resting in 7/8 in sockets embedded in the long sides of the frame.
  • Attach a (12×6) piece of plastic sheeting to frame with Wiggle Wire and Track, repeated on all four sides of the frame

Purchase a Season Extension Hoophouse Kit to save time procuring and preparing materials. 

Time to assemble: 1-3 hours
Difficulty Level: Medium/Labor-intensive
# of people needed: 2 is ideal

 Tools needed:

Supplies needed (Most can be found at any nearby hardware store):


*Constructing frame directly on garden bed is preferred. Either way, obtain precise measurements to ensure as tight a seal as possible.

  1. Cut (1) 2x2x8 in half to make (2) 2x2x4 (if garden bed is not exactly 4ft wide, adjust accordingly)
  2. Cut (1) 2x2x8 into a 4ft 10 ½ in. piece (Center Support) and a 4ft 9 ½ in. piece (Kickstand)
  3. To construct the base frame, Place (2) 2x2x8s on long side of garden bed frame and (2) 2x2x4’s on the short sides.
  4. Square the ends, line up with garden bed, and have someone hold (or clamp) 2×2’s.
  5. Using 3/32 bit, drill (2) 2in. deep pilot holes though to opposing 2×2, ½ in apart, centered diagonally ½ in from edge
  6. Drive (2) 3in screws into pilot holes securing corner joint
  7. Repeat on 3 remaining corners
  8. To add Center Support, Measure and mark midway point of each long side of frame with pencil
  9. Place 4ft 10 ½ in. Center Support evenly inside of the frame, lining up with midway marks
  10. Drill (2) 2in. deep pilot holes into Support, ½ in apart, centered diagonally ½ in from edge
  11. Drive (2) 3in screws into pilot holes securing one end of Support into frame
  12. Repeat on opposite length
  13. To build hoops, Measure and cut (4) 10ft PVC pipes in half
  14. Measure and cut remaining 10ft PVC pipe into 7ft 7in length
  15. Measure and mark mid-point of (2) 5ft pipes
  16. Using 3/32 bit, drill a hole straight through mid-point, making a hole on both sides of pipe
  17. Repeat for 2nd pipe.
  18. To mark location for hoops, Measure and mark the top of 8ft 1½ in. length of frame at 4in, 34in, 63½in, and 93½ in
  19. Starting from same end of the frame, repeat on opposite 8ft beam to ensure evenness
  20. To find angle for drilling sockets for hoops, Bend 5ft PVC pipes to fit inside frame near markings on either side.
  21. Using the PVC as visual cue, use the 7/8 boring bit to bore a 1in deep hole at the 4in mark on either side of frame.
  22. Slide PVC into sockets to ensure a snug fit
  23. Repeat for remaining 3 hoops
  24. To attach hinges, Measure and mark outline of the (2) hinges on back end of the frame (29in and 68½ in. work). Be sure to use the flat side of the hinges against frame.
  25. Drive the (3) included screws into each hinge
  26. To size and attach Wiggle Wire Track, Measure and mark 8ft 11in track at 2ft 6in. Ensure remaining piece is 6ft 5in
  27. Use jigsaw and metal bit to cut track into two pieces
  28. Repeat for 2nd track
  29. Drill (3) evenly spaced pilot holes into each 6ft 5in piece of track and (2) pilot holes into each 2ft 6in piece. Ensure the center hole doesn’t line up the screws holding the Center Support in place.
  30. Measure and mark outside of frame at 9in from the corners of each side. May be 9½ in. on long sides.
  31. Line up and center each track and drive 1in screws through pilot holes into frame. Track should be slightly less than flush with the width of the frame.
  32. Repeat for remaining track
  33. To attach Kickstand, Measure and mark Kickstand 1in from one end, mark Center Support 1¾ in. from front end of the frame (side without hinges) and 2in from back end
  34.  Place next to and flush (width-wise) with Center Support, lining up markings. This leaves a ¾ in. gap from front end of the frame and ¼ in gap from back end.
  35. Using 3/8 in. Bit drill a hole straight through both the Center Support and Kickstand.
  36. Place ¼ in. x 3½ in. Zinc Carriage Bolt through holes and fasten ¼ in Zinc Nut. Tighten slightly with wrench
  37. To create a resting space for Kickstand, Lift Kickstand to expose the marking 2in from back end of the Center Support.
  38. Drill (1) 3in screw 1in deep, ½ in. from bottom of Center Support.  
  39. To cut Wiggle Wire to size, Measure and mark Wiggle Wire at 2ft intervals (dividing into thirds).
  40. Use wire cutters or jigsaw to cut Wiggle Wire into 3 pieces. May require some bending back and forth to snap wire as it can be tough to cut.
  41. To attach Plastic Covering, Cut 6 mil plastic into 12x6ft section.
  42. Lay plastic length-wise over hoophouse frame, leaving 6in extra on each side
  43. Starting with long sides, fold plastic once or twice (to prevent tears) and center over tracks.
  44. End to end, run 6ft Wiggle Wire pieces over plastic and into tracks (using the wire’s signature up and down wiggle to lock into place). Ensure folds in plastic remain lined up with track and don’t pull from the other side of the frame
  45. Repeat on opposite side of the hoophouse.
  46. For the short sides, fold plastic once double over each corner.
  47. Using the gift-wrapping technique, make cover somewhat taut
  48. Fold extra plastic ends once or twice and center over tracks
  49. Run 6ft Wiggle Wire pieces over plastic and into tracks entered
  50. Repeat on opposite side of the hoophouse.
  51. Trim any excess plastic, if so desired. Ensure that excess is unnecessary to future adjustments before cutting.
  52. To attach hoophouse to garden bed frame, Align frame, particularly to back end, ensuring hinges are open and aligned
  53. Using ¼ in. bit, drill into the center hole of the 1st hinge straight through garden bed frame.
  54. Place 2½ in. Machine Screw through hole and secure with Nut
  55. Repeat for remaining 2 holes.
  56. Re-align frame and hinges again and repeat for remaining hinge.
  57. Enjoy!
Other considerations:
  • Where to store the hoop houses during the warmer months?
  • How to take hoop house off in the summer?
  • Wear and tear and how to repair?


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