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  • MG 1322

    Why become a WeFarm Member?

    Just like a healthy ecosystem, a healthy local economy has many different members and they each play a different role. That’s why your profession used to be called a “trade”: some folks traded fruit, some traded skills, some traded time… and now all of that …

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  • IMG 2057

    WeFarm ShinDIG 5: We are the Harvest

    We are so excited to have the 1st INDOOR WeFarm Shindig @the Ribcage, an activist collective. We are trading the venue space for construction of an indoor herb garden, and will be featuring some of the residents for skillshares as well! Here’s a sneak peek: …

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  • IMG 1274 E1350335047746

    FAQ: Winter Gardening – WTF?

    Jack Frost is lurking just around the corner and you’re ready to put the garden to bed. Well not so fast! What if we told you there was a way to extend your gardening year-round?? With the right timing, information and tools you can find …

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  • IMG 1506 Wash Pk Vacant Lot E1350331385281

    WeFarm Community Roots

    Do you know of a vacant lot here in the city that could be garden? Are you and your neighbors ready to see this empty space converted into something more positive and beneficial to the community? WeFarm is working with the Young Aggies to begin …

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  • IMG 2257 Kathy Bradish E1350334691967

    Monthly Special

    Put the Garden to Bed Prior to the Winter season, there are few things organic gardeners need to do to ensure that their garden continues to flourish in the seasons to come. WeFarm is offering a 15% discount on our end-of-season “Put the Garden to …

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  • IMG 2067

    Seed to Plate

    Squash PLANT In hills in full sun, then trellis to grow vertically, giving sunlight access to the whole plant, and making harvesting easier. HARVEST Pick the squash as it ripens to encourage more production. HEALTH Dense & fibrous, squash is also rich in cartenoids, which gives …

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  • IMG 1757 E1350329156605

    Native Spotlight

    Red Clover Red Clover, Red Clover, Send Your Blossoms Right Over! Wild, colorful, and popping up everywhere, this beauty of the legume (bean) family doesn’t just beautify the sides of the road! For centuries this plant has been used agriculturally and medicinally. It is a …

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  • IMG 1057

    WeFarm LIFE Vol. 1

    WeFarm America’s Monthly Newsletter Vol. 1 September 15, 2012 Season 2 – Week 1 THIS ISSUE News and Updates Become a Member Summer Camp FAQ: Tomato Trellis UPCOMING EVENTS WeFarm Shindig Sunday, September 23rd, Bobbing for Apples, Skillshare, DJs, Mural-Making, & more! RSVP NOW! Rockabilly …

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  • Survey Screenshot 300x198

    Get out of the heat… and take the WeFarm America gardening survey!

    Dear Neighbors and Fellow Gardeners, Now in its fourth season in Chicago, WeFarm America continues in its commitment to making organic gardens and fresh produce available and affordable to all. As part of this mission, we have recently teamed up with researchers in the Department …

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  • Three Easy Ways to Compost


    Be a more sustainable farmer while also bringing some of the most nutritious soil to your garden by composting! Compost is comprised of organic material that decomposes naturally. When plant, feces, and animals decompose they return nutrients back into the soil, making it the perfect …

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