Grow-a-School Program

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In an effort to grow local support and involvement in the surrounding community, WeFarm is teaming up with Chicagoland schools to create a deeper understanding and appreciation for gardening. Through October, for every (4) WeFarm raised bed “Seed” gardenspurchased by school teachers and parents (at a 10-15% discount) and community supporters, WeFarm will build a 4×8 raised bed “Sprout” garden free of charge for the school! Additional raised beds and accessories will also be available to the school, staff, and parents at a discount price throughout the year.  Community supporters can be anyone from the community–grandparents, neighbors, businesses, organizations–who wants to support the school through our program.

WeFarm will help to establish a Garden Club, which will  be responsible for a number requirements including building community calendar and scheduling an Inaugural Garden Workday. For this Workday, our crew will come and help install the “Sprout” garden with staff, students and parents. WeFarm Gardeneers will provide resources to help teach the basics of raised-bed-building and vegetable gardening, and provide check-ups and program support throughout the season. We hope this will be the beginning of a long-term relationship between the school, community and WeFarm America.

To grow deeper roots we will also extend support for new and existing community gardens. We hope you can join us in developing a hub for building educational, cultural and economic resources in your community. And maybe with the help our new team of Garden Club supporters, we just might see Grow-a-School expand throughout the city! We appreciate your support in this important step towards stronger, greener, healthier schools and communities.

Here are some ways you can help:

  • Purchase a WeFarm raised bed “Seed” garden
  • Join our Garden Club
  • Attend our garden events or workshops
  • Plant a Seed. Spread the word!
Questions?  Comments?  We’d love to hear from you.

Want to join or learn more about Grow-a-School?

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